Has anyone ever tried Fake Bake Flawless? Thinking about trying it but I’ve never done a self tanner before. Thoughts?

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  2. ladypatriciajane said: Best tanner ever.
  3. bonafideprincess said: cuegly.blogspot.co.uk/2… This websites suuuper helpful!
  4. luxuriousdolls said: Fake bake flawless self tanner is one of the most popular out there, its my favorite too, the smell is nice and tropical, dries very fast since its a spray lotion, and as long as you hydrate your skin between applications there should be no patchiness!
  5. crystalcbeauty said: Just applied it on tonight. I think this is my 3 or 4th bottle. By far one of my top fav self tanners
  6. valeriegauvain said: I’ve only heard Jergens Natural Glow is the best lotion for a “fake bake” if you want a spray tan without looking orange though, any tanning salon with mystic tans is what I highly recommend. It’s the only one Ive used that isn’t streaky or orange
  7. myheartfeelssonew said: I used it a few years ago. It was a little streaky and rubbed off on my shirt. But I know they have come out with a “new formula” so it might be better now
  8. heydoobs said: I use it and we offer it at my salon. I really like it.
  9. corinnef11 said: if you’re gonna use fake tanner, my only advice is make sure you 1.) put regular lotion on knees (and elbows) so they dont turn browner than the rest of your skin, and 2.) wash your hands, or else it looks like you jerked off a oompa loompa.
  10. unpoeticsoul said: The best fake tanner is banana boats summer color self tanning lotion. It’s buildable. Doesn’t come off on clothes or after 1 shower. No fake orange or bad smell. I’ve tried high and low end. Get it at Wal Mart
  11. promising-promises said: And you can get it on Amazon for $15 (:
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  14. colleen-machine said: I liked it mucho! The mit that it comes with really makes an even tan. But do make sure you exfoliate before hand because any dry skin patch will soak up a lot of color and look blotchy. I use lotion routinely for a week before to get my skin at its best!
  15. studiosixty said: DONT DO IT! Just go outside. You live in SoCal. :)
  16. atlanticsatire said: I tried that last winter,it came out good but started getting splotchy after some time.
  17. universe-ee said: the only fake tanner I’ve ever used in Jergens natural glow:) it’s great for year round because it helps make you look even more tan and glowy in the summer and in the winter it makes your skin look warm and healthy! and it’s gradual so no orange:)
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