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Hey Everyone!! I'm Nikki and I'm a freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

I've created Create This Look For Less to help you achieve high fashion and celebrity red carpet looks without draining your bank account. Don't worry, I'll post about my favorite higher end products as well!

I look forward to sharing makeup tips, tricks, and more with all of you!

Business inquiries: NLMmakeup@gmail.com


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A favorite product of mine!

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Aka The Luminizer Shimmer, Highlighter and Eyeshadow

  • This honey colored luminizer is the perfect hint of glow you have been looking for
  • - Super fine powder is the ultimate light diffuser, creating a smoother softer looking glow
  • - Quickly become a MUB favorite as well as a makeup bag must-have
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