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Hey Everyone!! I'm Nikki and I'm a freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

I've created Create This Look For Less to help you achieve high fashion and celebrity red carpet looks without draining your bank account. Don't worry, I'll post about my favorite higher end products as well!

I look forward to sharing makeup tips, tricks, and more with all of you!

Business inquiries: NLMmakeup@gmail.com


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Want dewy cheeks?

Apply a tiny amount of vaseline on cheeks for a dewy look.

Look more awake by running white or off-white eye liner along the inside part of your lower lashline also called the water line.  This gives the illusion of bigger brighter eyes. 

Bad skin day?  Try this trick!

Wearing a warm pink lipstick (no matter what your skin tone is) will help distract the eye from blemishes and imperfections.

Do you have dry or cracked heels?  Rub vaseline on them and place a pair of socks on before bed.  Your feet will feel smoother in the morning.

If you don’t have any body bronzer, just brush some face bronzer along your legs, arms, chest, etc. for extra glow!

Want your liquid liner straighter?  First line lid with a pencil liner then layer liquid liner over top. The pencil liner works as a guide.

Prevent getting stains on your teeth by drinking dark beverages with a straw and always rinsing your mouth with water after.

Carrot juice is a amazing for skin. By drinking the juice and applying it topically it fights acne breakouts and fades scarring.

Use nail polish remover or alcohol to remove oils from your nails before applying nail polish to help polish last longer. 

Keep the heat to a minimum when styling your hair and the smells from your hair products will last longer.