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Hey Everyone!! I'm Nikki and I'm a freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

I've created Create This Look For Less to help you achieve high fashion and celebrity red carpet looks without draining your bank account. Don't worry, I'll post about my favorite higher end products as well!

I look forward to sharing makeup tips, tricks, and more with all of you!

Business inquiries: NLMmakeup@gmail.com


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I’m very excited about my sapphire eyeliner today!! #maybelline #eyestudio #eyeliner #blue #makeup

I bought this nail polish (watercolor) yesterday from KBShimmer!  Cannot wait to try it out! :o)

What color eye shadow should you use to make your eye color POP?

Green eyes:  Best colors for green eyes are pink, rose, plum and mauve colors.  These colors can really make the green in your eye look brighter.  To make your green eyes pop try using Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Pink Punch or Almay Intense i-Color Satin - Green Eye.

Blue eyes:  Brown, bronze or copper colors are best for blue eyes. Warm hues help to contrast the coldness in blue eyes making them really stand out. To make your blue eyes pop try using Cover Girl Queen Collection Eye Shadow Set - Desert Bronze or Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i Eyeshadow - Blue Eyes.

Brown eyes:  

If you have brown eyes try gold, burnt orange, blue or purple shadows.  Brown eyes are very versatile because they are neutral and go with a lot of colors.  To make your brown eyes pop try Maybelline Eye Studio Wet Eye Shadow Quads - Legendary Lilac  or Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Amethyst Ablazed.

Hazel eyes:  If you have hazel eyes you can really play around with a lot of color because you’ll have a mix of green, brown, and gray in your eyes.  You can really make the colors stand out by using light pink, golden brown, and a mixture of green shades.  Try using these products to make your eye color stand out.  Almay Intense i-Shimmer, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips, and Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Purple.

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