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Hey Everyone!! I'm Nikki and I'm a freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

I've created Create This Look For Less to help you achieve high fashion and celebrity red carpet looks without draining your bank account. Don't worry, I'll post about my favorite higher end products as well!

I look forward to sharing makeup tips, tricks, and more with all of you!

Business inquiries: NLMmakeup@gmail.com


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What kind of video do you want me to film next???

Have you watched my other videos yet?  Get ready with me! & Spring Makeup Tutorial!

Here is a spring makeup tutorial for you guys!  Light on the eyeshadow with a pop of blue eyeliner!  I hope you enjoy it!

All products used in this tutorial are listed on my Luvocracy page!  Click here to see collection!

Get ready with me video!

This is my first video tutorial ever.  I will work on making them better!  Let me know if there are any looks/videos you would like me to do! :o) Thanks everyone!!

*Please be kind!  I’m a beginner in this video tutorial world!

All products used in this video are in a collection on my Luvocracy page.  Click here to see!

Here is a very fun makeup tutorial by Sam! (Pixiwoo)

A different look to try!


EyeBrow #makeup basic diagram brows always takes A LOT of practice 💋 (Taken with instagram)

Winged liner

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