How are Proposal rings and couple rings different?

These two terms can be used interchangeably for referring any rings exchanged between couples that aren’t engagement rings. But there are differences between the two. Proposal ring in Singapore are more about symbolizing the love and commitment. They bear diamonds and other gemstones. They are available in a wide variety of metals and Proposal rings use the precious ones. On the other hand, couple rings are more about matching pair of rings meant for couples to be worn as fashion jewelry or just for fun. Couple rings are available in artistic patterns, unique materials and cool design. Proposal rings are meant for a particular purpose and couple rings are generic and less specific form of matching jewelry.

How are Proposal rings and engagement rings different?

These rings can be quite similar, but Proposal ring tends to beam smaller gemstones. They both have a similar commitment but given at different times in a relationship.

Can men also wear Proposal rings?

Sure, why not? Proposal rings are meant for both men and women. Many choose to wear the matching ones, but there are some who choose one for their partner that matches their personality.

Can they be statement rings too?

Albeit Proposal rings are meant to make a certain statement to each other, but are not deemed statement rings. The latter are the rings to make a visual statement like with a unique and catchy design that stands out from the rest of the jewelry.

How much do they cost?

These rings can be both affordable and highly expensive. Simple gold or sterling silver rings with no precious gemstones can cost a few 100 bucks while the costly ones with gemstones and diamonds can be more than a thousand bucks.

Are they only for religious people?

Albeit, purity rings are more based on a religious purpose, but Proposal rings and other couple rings may not have a religious alignment. But many couples wear Proposal rings as a symbol of being committed to their partners and to their religious faith.

Can a Proposal ring be still worn after the wedding?

If you love your Proposal ring and you don’t want to stop wearing it, then by all means you can put it on after you and partner are married. Many tend to wear their Proposal ring on the opposite hand after being married to separate it from their engagement ring and wedding ring.

Lem Oswin